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    These two historic stone houses are on the Cunda Island (pronounced Joonda) and are situated in a beautiful garden with a panoramic view of the bay of Ayvalık and the Greek Island Lesvos.Cunda has been inhabited by the Greeks for centuries during the Ottoman Empire. Their influence can be felt in the village where most of the houses still have traces of the typical Greek Architecture.

    This enchanting site is situated in the midst of an exceptionally beautiful nature.

    Olive trees line the coasts of the island whereas beautiful pines cover the higher hills.

    The island is surrounded by twenty or more little islands that are visited by many for their exquisite underwater diving excursions. Motorboats on rent are available for dayly tours and bathing in the crystalline waters of the Aegean.

    The Turkish cuisine offers an exceptional taste with its regional diversity influenced by the many cultures who lived here over the centuries.

    The houses have been recently restored following their original outline and architecture.
    They are both equipped with the commodities of modern life: washing machine, dishwasher, oven, microwave, heating systems.